TOP 10 DEALS (HOT Savings on Sunscreen, Dog Food, Razors & MORE) (2023)


Eeeek... the deals are AWESOME this week! With that said, I've changed up the video to share some of my favorite deals to grab at multiple stores, and even online! So be sure to watch to get motivated to SAVE BIG this week on sunscreen, pet food, cosmetics, razors and more... ENJOY!

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Hey guys it is Colleen with hips is Dave calm and I am changing things up.

Today I'm gonna show, you guys 10.

But my favorite deals to score this week at various stores and even online.

So you've gotta watch the video because I bet there's, at least one deal that you'll want to take advantage of you guys you have got to print this awesome and super high-value Revlon coupon.

So this coupon is valid for $4 off one, any Revlon mascara, right? Crazy, $4, but keep in mind it's valid on April 30th only so you can print it now and then save it to use on April 30th.

So Walmart, these go for around 5, dollars and 97 cents, which means after coupon you're gonna pay just a buck 97, Target likely has the same price and other stores too so get it.

Printed and then get your mouth area.

Shopping head to target this week if you want to stay fake on personal care.

Products so this week only targets offering up a coupon and the add-on the cartwheel app or when you text.

Beauty to 87438 on your mobile device valid for a free, five dollar, Target gift card with us like personal care purchase of $20 or more.

And this includes a ton of things so shave, Sutton care, which is awesome because summers about to be here.

They show care oral care hair care, deodorant and more.

So lots of items qualify and there's lots of coupons available.

So let's talk about some scenarios first all right.

So there are so many great deal ideas.

I'm just gonna give you a really simple one.

So we've got copper tune products.

These guys start and price at $6.99.

So you find for up to $6.99 price.

And your total is gonna be $27 and 96 cents.

So it definitely gets you up to the $20 amount to get the free $5 gift card back.

In addition, this gets really sweet, because when you buy two participating, copper tone, products, you're gonna get back a free, five dollar, Target gift card.

So cause you're buying four that means to free five dollars, Target, Gift cards, plus another free one from this promo.

So three free five dollar, Target gift cards and there's high value coupons available there's, $3 of two printables $1 off one printables.

And some of you we're lucky enough to receive a $5 off to insert coupon.

So it was regional.

But if you receive that you're in a score really high five, even with a three off two coupon, you can still use two of the three F two coupons to get six dollars off your total, your total after coupons, 2196.


So that still probably seems high.

However, then at checkout you're gonna get back three free, five dollar, Target gift cards.

So a total of $15 and free Target gift cards.

That means after you take into account the gift cards, you're, paying six dollars and 96 cents for all four of these bottles, be sure to look for the bottles that had what is it 30% more so and it's the same price.

So look for those bonus bottles and go get some sweet eyes this week, I love this store.

Seriously, you guys, big loss is awesome.

They have an assortment of items and everything is really inexpensive, especially when they also reduce items even further and put them on clearance.

And in addition, there is a hot Big, Lots coupon available right now.

So it's, either a 10 off 50 $20 off 100 or $40 off 200 or a whopping $100 off 500 this coupon doesn't, exclude clearance.

So I do want to show you guys one clearance find that you may spot and it's hot so 90% off baby accessories.

Now these are on a select end cap.

So I don't think they'll be like in different sections you'll probably have to look for the in cap or ask someone but 90% off.

So let me just let me give you a heads up on this cuz.

This is crazy deals.

So we've got this guy.

This is like a potty trainer, toilet, 18 bucks with a 90 percent off sale, it's a dollar, eighty and keep in mind that you can use this wonderful coupon with the clearance item.

So it starts you'll have to spend fifty dollars starting, but still Hot Buys, even if you don't spend fifty without the coupon.

So we've got what else.

Okay, these guys, these newbie, sippy cups.

Normally five bucks.

They are now on clearance for 50 cents.

These girls are crazy craziness craziness.

This guy, six bucks normally 60 cents 60 cents.

So again, when you're out Big Lots, keep your eyes peeled for clearance.

Not only did they have 90 percent off baby clearance here.

But they also have 75% off Easter clearance.

So Easter, candies, Easter accessories and all that stuff 75% off totally buy for next year.

Buy for other holidays.

Lots of this stuff works throughout the year.

So go get it there save money.

You should use your coupons.

You spend more than 50 and be happy cuz.

Big, Lots, rocks, I, love, buy one, get one free coupons.

They always make for awesome deals.

So we've got a new one here.

It's, a buy one, Revlon color, soap, hair, color, and then you're gonna get a free a Revlon color, silk, shampoo or conditioner.

So definitely a hot coupon to print we're at Walmart here and makes for a nice deal.

So their regular price at 297 for the shampoos and conditioners and the hair colors, which means after this wonderful coupon, you can get one of these guys one of these guys and you're gonna pay two ninety, seven total for both items.

So get this baby printed you guys seriously, it is so awesome when you can shop and save it from home on Amazon.

So look at this.

So this Gillette mach3 turbo, razor is on rollback at Walmart for seven dollars and 84 cents that's, the rollback reduced price.

So instead of driving your car at Walmart, you get on your computer.

You clip, a $3 coupon and on Amazon, you choose subscribe and save and you're, literally gonna pay under $4 to have this ships, your door.

All right, you guys, I have a rare coupon for you.

You have got a $1 off to any Hallmark cards.

A minimum of one dollar purchase is required.

So one dollar theny - it's really awesome considering lots of stores have Hallmark cards like their value card starting at $1.

And actually if you're at Walmart, you can get Hallmark cards for just 97 minutes.

Each they're actually really cute cards, they have a dead little collection.

So after this guy's one off to coupon you're gonna pay 94 cents for two cards, just 47 cents per card.

So this beats even going to the Dollar Tree.

We've got select varieties of the Purina be on dog, food on a gift card promo at Target.

So when you buy two participating bags, you're gonna get back a free, five dollar, Target gift card, they're priced at 9:59 each.

And we have stackable high-value coupons and a cartwheel.

So we've got 501 coupons so print - when you buy two bags and that's gonna reduce the cost big time.

And then we've got a 20% off cartwheel offer crazyness your coupons and cartwheel you're gonna take five dollars and 35 cents for two bags.

Then you're gonna get back to that free, five dollar Target gift card.

Hello, that's.

35 cents.

You guys 35 cents for two of these bags.

18 each gum for 26 cents.

Anyone, literally 26 cents a pack it's, such an easy deal.

So we've got the Trident and down packs on sale for 79 cents this week and it's a great sale price.

In addition, we have a really rare and interesting I've.

Never seen.

This value 159 off three, tried it down the single packs.

So literally you just come to Walgreens.

You buy three packs.

You use this guy and you're gonna pay a total of 78 cents.

So it sent last then the single than the price for a single pack, and that equals 26 cents per pack.

So it's, a really great deal.

It's, gonna freshen that breath all right? You guys, bonus, Walgreens deals.

So I know, I shared the gum deal and I just want to share one more bonus, Walgreens deal.

Because if you're here getting the gun, you should totally check out the serial deal.

So we've got Special K serial on sale.

Buy one get one free.

In addition there's, a stackable sale going on where they're also ringing up two for six dollars.

So that literally means when you buy the participating, buy one get one series, free serials, one's gonna break free and one's gonna ring up at three dollars because of the two four six dollar sale.

So that means you're, paying three dollars.

You guys for two boxes, that's a dollar fifty per box, literally, no coupons needed.

You just go to checkout and get this deal.

However, you can make things sweeter.

If you buy six boxes because there's a $1 off free coupon available on the Kellogg family, hellix family rewards site so that's going to sweeten things even further, but seriously, it's easy deal to score, even just buying the two boxes and getting them for a dollar.

Fifty each sorry.

So this had to be on my list for one of my favorite deals this week, because it literally is simple.

You don't have to clip coupons or anything like that.

So literally just come to Target, or we've got a variety of Ocean Spray uses the 64 ounce bottles on sale for a dollar ninety-nine.

So with the sale alone, you're saving eighty eight cents, but then there's a 20% off Ocean, Spray juice, all sizes all varieties cartwheels, which means you're gonna pay 159 for each one's, no coupons needed.

So a really great price for the 64 ounce size and keep in mind that you can use this card with up to 4 times.

So you can get four bottles at the 159 price.

So it's, a really great deal and it's, an easy one all right guys.

Another one of my favorite deals this week is going on at JCPenney they're offering up an awesome up to an extra 25 percent off coupon.

All you have to do is sign up for their text offers this coupon can be used in store or online and is valid on select apparel shoes, accessories fine jewelry and home items through May 15th.

The thing about this coupon you do have to keep in mind is that there are brand exclusions, for example, converse and Nike are excluded.

So definitely look at the fine print on the coupon to see all the exclusions, but what's really great about this coupon is it can be used on clearance and sale items, which means when you come to JCPenney, if you shop in-store, look for these wonderful clearance, science, they're everywhere, so you can definitely save big on apparel and on shoes.

So like, for example, I'm gonna get this for my little guy this.

This is an Arizona cute little plaid shirt on clearance for 80% off.

So it's now only 5 dollars and 97 cents can use this guy and save big.

So there's, definitely a ton of savings throughout the store.

So you just have to keep your eyes peeled and sign up for mobile offers that's it.

So you guys I just want to remind you that the 25% off coupon is valid on your entire purchase.

So definitely if we're gonna come in store like walk around, if you got kiddos check the kids section for clearance, especially on apparel and shoes.

And also if you want to get some stuff for yourself, definitely check the clearance section here, too there's, a ton of clearance over here I was kind of surprised so, and then you get the additional 25-person off the clearance price as long as the brands are diluted, but like there's, a really great deal, just really cute stuff and it's all on clearance for like up to 80% off, which is kind of crazy.

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