SITTING ON THE FENCE — Say What?! | Learn English Expressions (2023)


Like when you want to learn English, but you can't decide with all the alternatives. How do you call that?

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You're going to college next year have you decided what you want to study? No I can't make a decision I'm sitting on the fence, say, wha, aha, hello and welcome back to a new episode of say, what? Yes, I cut, my hair I told you I would, but we will talk about that later, because today we have a new expression and it's a great expression.

So the expression of today is sitting on the fence sitting on the fence.

So let's start.

The first part of this expression is sitting.

This is the continuous form of the birth to sit in this expression.

We are using ing, but you can use any other conjugation of the birth to sit sat sitting and was sitting, etc.

So to sit, of course, is what do you do when you are not standing right now in this moment, I am standing I am on my feet when you are sleeping, you are laying.

So you are not standing.

You are laying and to see it is what you do on a chair.

So we use chairs to sit to sit down.

So that is sit to sit.

Then we have on so we sit on something, but we don't see it on Cheers what we do.

But in this case we are sitting on the fence, the fence.

So what is a fence? F? E, NC.

E, fans, offense is a structure I like our construction thing that we use usually to divide or two separate things, especially property, for example, a if you live in a house, I mean, not in an partment, but in a house and next to you, there is another house.

Usually there is a fence that divides the two territories.

This is offense.

They are usually made out of wood or wire or cement different materials.

But the function is the same defense serves to mark a limit to divide the territory.

So that is a fence.

Ha, so now you have the image on your mind of what offense is.

So imagine a person that is sitting on the fence haha.

If you are sitting on the fence, you are not on this side, and you are not on the other side you are in the middle haha.

That is the literal explanation or the little literal implication of this of this expression.

If you physically sit on the fence, you are neither on this side nor on the other.

You are in the middle.

So we can understand that you are neutral.

You are not in any of the sites that is a literal any employee implication.

Now, the figurative implication that means the use we give to this expression is very similar.

Because when you are sitting on the fence, when you say I, am sitting on the fence, basically, you are saying, I am not taking sides.

For example, if you have a decision to make, and you have two options, and you are sitting on the fence.

That means you are not choosing option A or option B.

You are not choosing anything you are on the fence.


Now to make this expression, even more understandable, let's check the expression.

We had in the beginning.

We had these two conversation know who I'm conversation between two guys and one says to the other.

So you are going to college next year.

You are going to study the university next year.

Do, you know what you want to study and the other response, no I, don't know, I can make a decision I'm sitting on the fence.

So he has a lot of options to study a lot of different careers, but he cannot decide and maybe he's thinking, I, don't know, maybe medicine or law or maybe marketing or architecture.

So he has options, and he cannot decide he is sitting on the fence, aha.

So his hesitant he is having doubts maybe it's a very difficult option, a very difficult choice.

So he wants to think more about it.

And he is right now on the moment sitting on the fence.

Now we can think of another example that is very illustrative of this expression.

I will use the example of TV series, it's a very famous TV series.

And I hope you you have seen this episode, and you can make the association.

And there is a an episode on malcolm in the middle', the TV series malcolm in the middle' in which Malcolm's father, how he he has to make a decision about a patient who is ill.

And they said, you have the authority or you have the power to decide if this person is going to live, or if we disconnect this person and he dies, he has these two options, but he cannot make a decision it's a very important decision, and he cannot make it.

So he start evaluating things and doing a lot of different things to make a decision, but he cannot uh-huh.

So in that moment, he is sitting on the fence.


And now to finish this episode as usual, I will tell you why I decided to explain this expression to you and well, if you remember last video last week, my hair was long, really long and I told you that I was going to cut my hair maybe that day or the next day, well that didn't happen.

So two, three, four, five, six days happen and I just cut my hair today like two hours ago.

But every time that my hair gets long, I face, I have the same dilemma should I cut my hair or not because every time that I cut my hair, I hate the result, every time maybe like I cut my hair.

And two hours later, I said, this is horrible I look, terrible.

I made a mistake.

But the next day or something like that, I I started getting accustomed and I get used to the idea and I said, okay.

But this happens every time every time I need to cut my hair.


Am sitting on the fence.

So I said, should I cut.

It should I leave.

It longer it's always a difficult choice for me.

And every time I am sitting on the fence right now, for example, I unlike very much, they resolved, but I know that tomorrow I will feel better because no matter what I do no matter if my hair dish.

My hair is short or long, I will always look like a million bucks.


So that's how we are going to finish this episode.

And the expression is sitting on the fence being neutral, not making a decision or not taking sides being in the middle sitting on the fence.

Okay, don't, forget.

If you like this video, like the video, leave a comment share it with your friends and don't forget to subscribe to the channel.

So you receive a notification every time I make a new video I will see you next Thursday.

And next thursday, we have a special episode.

The expression is going to be a very good expression.

But also I am going to give you some information.

Some very cool information.

Next thursday.

So don't, forget to come here.

Next Thursday, 6pm for a new video.

And a surprise I will see you very soon.

And thank you very much for watching keep it simple.



What does the saying to sit on the fence mean? ›

To remain neutral, to refuse to take sides in a dispute; often used in a derogatory way about someone who lacks the courage to decide: “The councilman is afraid he'll lose votes if he takes sides on the zoning issue, but he can't sit on the fence forever.”

What is an example of sitting on the fence? ›

Examples from Collins dictionaries

They are sitting on the fence and refusing to commit themselves. He's not afraid of making decisions and is a man who never sits on the fence. He is sitting on the fence, refusing to commit himself. They criticised the president for sitting on the fence.

What does the idiom I am on the fence mean? ›

Be undecided, not committed, as in I don't know if I'll move there; I'm still on the fence, or He's straddling the fence about the merger.

What is another word for sitting on the fence? ›

What is another word for sitting on the fence?
uncommittedin doubt
51 more rows

What is an example of the idiom on the fence? ›

If you're on the fence, you can't decide something. You're torn between two options. If you're standing at the ice cream counter, not sure if you should get chocolate or vanilla, you're on the fence. Being on the fence means you really just can't decide.

What is an example sentence for the idiom on the fence? ›

The phrase 'On the Fence' is used to describe being undecided about something. Example of Use: “Has he decided whether he will take the job yet?” Answer: “No, he's still on the fence.”

How do you use the idiom on the fence in a sentence? ›

not able to decide something: Many consumers are still on the fence, waiting for a less expensive computer to come along. Todd's still sitting on the fence, trying to decide which school he wants to go to.

Is on the fence a metaphor? ›

The term on the fence comes from American English and dates back to the early 19th century. It's a metaphorical expression that suggests the idea of sitting on the fence, not committing to either side of the fence. In this context, the fence is the decision.

What does fences mean figuratively? ›

Bono observes that Rose wants the fence built to hold in her loved ones. To Rose, a fence is a symbol of her love and her desire for a fence indicates that Rose represents love and nurturing. Troy and Cory on the other hand think the fence is a drag and reluctantly work on finishing Rose's project.

What does it mean to fence for yourself? ›

phrasal verb. fend for yourself. ​to take care of yourself without help from anyone else.

What are the 5 idiomatic expressions? ›

Here are 10 of the most common idioms that are easy to use in daily conversation:
  • “Hit the hay.” “Sorry, guys, I have to hit the hay now!” ...
  • “Up in the air” ...
  • “Stabbed in the back” ...
  • “Takes two to tango” ...
  • “Kill two birds with one stone.” ...
  • “Piece of cake” ...
  • “Costs an arm and a leg” ...
  • “Break a leg”
Sep 29, 2017

What are 4 types of idioms? ›

Generally speaking, there are four types of idioms: pure idioms, binomial idioms, partial idioms, and prepositional idioms. Some people may consider clichés, proverbs, and euphemisms to be types of idioms as well, but we'll explain why they are different from idioms.

What are the 10 examples of idioms and their meanings? ›

Common English idioms & expressions
It's raining cats and dogsIt's raining hardby itself
Kill two birds with one stoneGet two things done with a single actionby itself
Let the cat out of the bagGive away a secretas part of a sentence
Live and learnI made a mistakeby itself
55 more rows

What is a person called a fence? ›

A fence (as a noun) refers to a person who receives or deals in stolen goods. Fence (as a verb) means to sell stolen goods to a fence. A fence will pay a below market price for the stolen goods and then attempt to resell them and make a large profit.

What is the expression on the other side of the fence? ›

to make a decision between two opposing points of view: The election is next week, so you'll have to come down on one side of the fence or the other by then.

What is the proverb of good fences? ›

Good neighbors respect one another's property. Good farmers, for example, maintain their fences in order to keep their livestock from wandering onto neighboring farms. This proverb appears in the poem “Mending Wall,” by Robert Frost.

What is the proverb good fences make? ›

Robert Frost coined the phrase “good fences make good neighbors” in his 1914 poem “Mending Wall.” While the meaning in the poem may have been slightly more about 'turf protection,” it can also be applied to adding value to a home and property. Good fences can offer beauty, privacy and safety.

What is an example sentence of idioms? ›

For example, “under the weather” is an idiom universally understood to mean sick or ill. If you say you're feeling “under the weather,” you don't literally mean that you're standing underneath the rain.

Is she is sitting on the fence an idiom or proverb? ›

"Sitting on the fence" is a common idiom used in English to describe a person's lack of decisiveness, neutrality or hesitance to choose between two sides in an argument or a competition, or inability to decide due to lack of courage.

What is a good sentence for the word idiom? ›

It was an old building in the local idiom. Proverbs and idioms may become worn with over-use. She is, in fact, a perfect illustration of the French idiom 'to be comfortable in one's own skin. '

What is a synonym for to be on the fence? ›

on-the-fence. tentative. timid. uncertain. undecided.

What figure of speech is used in fences? ›

One form that is often used by Troy is a metaphor, which he uses frequently to compare life to a baseball game. In one quote Troy is comparing death to a to an outside pitch by saying, “Death ain't nothing but a fastball on the outside corner”(1.1. 10).

What does no fence sitting mean? ›

: a state of indecision or neutrality with respect to conflicting positions.

How is metaphor used in fences? ›

Actually, the image of "fences" works in various ways in the play; it is functioned as a metaphor through which Wilson reveals the inner reality of the characters and their psychological motivation. Thus, "fences" provide relationships, character psychology, context and symbolic models.

What is the synonym of fences? ›

Synonyms of fence (noun barrier used to enclose a piece of land) bar. barbed wire. barricade. block.

What does a fence represent in the Bible? ›

Fences were constructions of unmortared stones, to protect gardens, vineyards, sheepfolds, etc. From various causes they were apt to bulge out and fall ( Psalms 62:3 ).

What is the principle of the fence? ›

Chesterton's Fence is a principle that says change should not be made until the reasoning behind the current state of affairs is understood. It says the rash move, upon coming across a fence, would be to tear it down without understanding why it was put up.

What is symbolic fencing? ›

This measure refers to partial fences used only to inform people that access is forbidden and to deter behaviour. Although it is a physical artefact, symbolic fencing has a non-physical effect mechanism.

What are the 10 expressions? ›

Here are 10 must-know English expressions and their meanings
  • Best thing since sliced bread. ...
  • Challenge accepted. ...
  • Cross that bridge when you come to it. ...
  • Don't put all your eggs in one basket. ...
  • Dutch courage.

What are 20 phrases examples? ›

20+ Phrases That Will Make Learning English Easy For You
  • Back of My Hand. English Meaning: To have complete knowledge about something. ...
  • Take It Easy. English Meaning: To relax. ...
  • All of A Sudden. ...
  • Herculean Task. ...
  • The Time Is Ripe. ...
  • Double Minded. ...
  • A Piece Of Cake. ...
  • Hand to Mouth.

Can you give me 10 examples of idioms? ›

Here are 20 English idioms that everyone should know:
  • Under the weather. What does it mean? ...
  • The ball is in your court. What does it mean? ...
  • Spill the beans. What does it mean? ...
  • Break a leg. What does it mean? ...
  • Pull someone's leg. What does it mean? ...
  • Sat on the fence. What does it mean? ...
  • Through thick and thin. ...
  • Once in a blue moon.

What are the 20 idioms with meaning? ›

20 English Idioms that Everyone Should Know
  • “Break a leg” – to wish someone good luck.
  • “Cost an arm and a leg” – to be very expensive.
  • “Bite the bullet” – to face a difficult situation bravely.
  • “Beat around the bush” – to avoid getting to the point in a conversation.
Feb 2, 2023

What is a figurative idiom? ›

An idiom is a type of figurative language that is a phrase that people say that is commonly accepted as having a different meaning that the individual words may lead you to believe. For example, stating that “it's raining cats and dogs” does not mean that there are literally cats and dogs falling from the sky.

What is the most popular idiom? ›

The most common English idioms
Beat around the bushAvoid saying what you mean, usually because it is uncomfortable
Better late than neverBetter to arrive late than not to come at all
Bite the bulletTo get something over with because it is inevitable
Break a legGood luck
33 more rows

What are the 25 idioms? ›

25 idioms that will be useful to you in daily conversations
  • Every dog has his day — everyone will be lucky someday;
  • Be like chalk and cheese — be absolutely different;
  • Cry over spilt milk — regret of something that you will never be able to change;
  • Once in a blue moon — very rarely;
Feb 22, 2018

What is an idiom for encouragement? ›

These phrases are ways to tell someone to keep trying: Hang in there. Don't give up. Keep pushing. Keep fighting!

What is an idiom for happy? ›

To show you are really happy with a metaphor, you could say something like 'I'm on cloud nine' or 'I'm over the moon! ' Even if, like most of us, you haven't been to the moon, you can still use that idiom.

What is the idiom for a good person? ›

a good egg is a good person. Example: Marry was the type of person who would have helped anyone – a real good egg. Ex. It was a great Party, Nab was life and soul of the party.

How do you express support in words? ›

  1. Hang in there! / Stay at it / Don't give up!
  2. You're off to a great start!
  3. You're great at this!
  4. Keep at it! /Keep pushing! / Keep fighting!
  5. Stay strong! Don't stop till you get there!
  6. Go on / come on! You can do it! Give it a try!
  7. Go on. It's worth a shot!
  8. Go for it! Just do it!

What is the idiom for eagerly waiting? ›

The idiom 'to be all ears' means to be waiting eagerly to hear about something.

What is the idiom for supportive person? ›

The idiom “through thick and thin” is used to define a friend who is loyal and supportive during bad times as well as good times.

What is the idiom for feeling proud? ›

(as) proud as a peacock.

What is the idiom of very pleased? ›

Tickled pink

This expression is used when you are very pleased about something. 'Tickled pink' denotes a person being so pleased by something that they glow with happiness. Tania was tickled pink when she saw the gift her friends had sent her.

What is the idiom of proud? ›

'As proud as a peacock' is an idiom. 'As proud as a peacock' means having a very high opinion of oneself, filled with or showing excessive self esteem. For example: He was as proud as a peacock when he passed his driving test at the first attempt.

What is a idiom for easy? ›

It's a doddle. Easy peasy. It's a cinch. There's nothing to it. Anyone can do it.

What is the idiom for so much fun? ›

FUN and ENJOYMENT, page 1
  • barrel of laughs. Someone who is a barrel of laughs is very funny or entertaining. ...
  • with bells on. If you go somewhere with bells on, you are delighted and eager to go there. ...
  • blow away the cobwebs. ...
  • chill out. ...
  • in one's element. ...
  • feast your eyes on something. ...
  • footloose and fancy-free. ...
  • in full swing.

What is the idiom for a quiet person? ›

If someone is as quiet as a mouse, they are very quiet. We use the phrase as quiet/silent as the grave to describe a place that is quiet in a frightening way or a person who never says anything.

What is an idiom for kindness? ›

good, kind qualities: She's full of the milk of human kindness.

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