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Foreign what's, your favorite color says, about you, if your favorite color is red, then you'll be sniffing your homie ass cheeks while they sleep I love.

You Tyler, I, love you forever and ever I said, the machine gun, the machine gun.

The machine gun.

Yeah, I was not a machine gun.

But like the firecrackers, oh, oh all right.

I say, uh, my name is Richard and I'm sitting in the corner sitting in the corner playing my recorder.

Yo can I get a sip.


What are you doing foreign? This is what your birth month says about you.

If you were born in November, then you fantasize about eating your best friend's booty for breakfast lunch and dinner all right calm down there.

It is God.

Damn it chug all right? Well, I guess there's, always next time.

Okay, let's go who the [ __ ] trying to nut in my butt.

Foreign, oh, Jesus.

Christ, you're.

A freak here you go.

Buddy, yeah, yeah.

You're definitely a weirdo.

Oh, my boy, I'll set you a happy.

Oh boy, better get bigger that would be old in my deathbed and I'll be like I.

Remember when hot fries were 1.99 and my grandkids are gonna be like Grandma.

What are you talking about Hot, Fries cost, 12 Bitcoin and then I'll have a [ __, ] seizure die.

What thought where'd it go.

Where'd you go.

We would eat.

It man, Burger King got that, um that zesty sauce man, I'm gonna try this out so foreign.

This is [, __, ].

Okay, I like it Picasso been working on this for a while American breathing Second Amendment, oh, is we can wander through the floor, two immigrants that like to bang, each other's brains out how old are you? How old are you come over here, a Cuban with a chorizo that doesn't meet hide requirements.

And with no leader [, __, ] feet down, turn around a planet.

Come over here.

I'm Mexican with the Wendy Williams build and a well.

Sorry, Mexican with a Wendy Williams build and a forehead that looked like Frankensteins asking people to record me with dual cam you're.

My only love left I need every for you I love.

You cheated on me.

Are you good? Girl? This video is so satisfying.

So they have a chocolate bar, and they drip the coffee right on top of it under the coffee maker in order to make a chocolate latte.

This is one of my favorite videos on the internet.

It reminds me of my favorite film.

Two girls, one cup.

My money, don't, jiggle, jiggle, it's gone gone gone 360 for the screen, what the [ __ ], I mean, like when you're in a plane and that [ __ ] starts shaking up and down and [ __ ].

So exactly it's almost like it's, almost like a thunderstorm it's, a thunderstorm.

You feel me it's like an earthquake because of like a regular a regular, a regular shape would just be the thug shape right? Would just be this.

But but turbulence is when you go crazy with it it's, a storm you're doing more than just you feel.

Oh, my gosh, Ariel, not fool this Hood area.

The only seat I'd be swimming.

In is the Red Sea because I'm a blood and that's on gang, [ __, ], what's, good.

But let go of my hand.

And why are you looking at me like that like what are you jealous, jealous of what of these? Yo bro? Could you help me with this? Yeah, but I got you bro? What are you doing what this is my song? This is my song.

Why are you looking at me like that like what bro do? You think your bedroom, because you have colored eyes.

What color is the sky blue exactly my point.

I finally, found it I finally found it.


I have I said it because there was a couple of individuals in the line.

And they were skipped in front of me, get out the way.


They did a listen.

So I had to proceed to take it to my own hair.

Have you ever called somebody? Yeah, um like roughly how many times more than I, remember, which is the master race and why why you're not even white.

So damn stuff I didn't say, why though, uh, Chris Coleman that you came here.

Yeah, would you? Let me date your daughter or your sister? Why not why not because of your parents your personality? And the way is he is he a thug? What do you mean by phone? Does he look like thug like what's, a thug like like I mean, somebody like criminal, yeah, like this is like crazy.

Look like a criminal.

Yeah, I mean, you don't look like a scholar lotion, Kleenex incognito mode.

These are the ingredients to create the perfect night at home until Professor utotium accidentally introduced cast to family room TV.

And thus divorce papers were born.

Oh I'm.

A virgin.

Ah, good.

One, listen, here, buddy, that's, not true.

And in fact, I'm so good at sex that the government said, I have to be registered.

Now, what it was caution step one is to make a fist ensuring that your thumb is on the outside of your fingers.

If it is on the inside, it can break your thumb during impact do this with both hands you now want to place your fist halfway between your chest and your hip once you're at this point, move them slowly from side to side.

And eventually, the momentum will end up with you soon foreign I'll.

Let your mama die.

Mama, don't worry.

You raise the game when you make some budget cuts any ideas, yeah, I think we should negotiate vendor contract.

Anything else.

No, nothing else.

It was really hurtful.

Yeah, I know, I'm.

So sorry, man.

Okay, long day of school, Frankie, yeah, I think I just graded too much today.

Sometimes almost freshly squeeze lemonade.

Well, did you poison it? Again, mom, no.

Why would your mother ever do that? Yeah, well, how could I trust you? Why wouldn't you trust me? Frick, we lost there.


Do you like it? Darling? Thank you.



Gotta pee what's up.

I'm gonna make a wishing you got three wishes.

How did you even get in here? Well, I'm a Genie I, come out of the bottle.

You touch, the bottle I come out of them.

Hey, Siri call the cops I like PD.

Stop, right? There.

Criminal skull just pounding big enough for the both of us.

Good cup backup, except there is no big cop.

Free I'm gonna give you a C-section.

Wow, oh, dude.

What does that means she's my commands? Hey, thanks for having my back up there, hey, man, it's been pre-wrapped for a while don't mention it.

Thank you.

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