My Approach

I believe that counseling should be both affirming and practical. While I tailor my approach to your needs, my work is rooted in person-centered therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). When appropriate, I also incorporate mindfulness skills.

Person-Centered Therapy

Person-centered therapy, also called client-centered or Rogerian therapy, assumes that each person has the capacity for growth and healing. As a client in person-centered therapy, you are in control of the direction your therapy takes. This type of therapy does not see individuals as flawed or in need of “fixing.” Rather, it offers a supportive, empathic, and non-judgmental environment in which you may realize your potential.

More information on person-centered therapy can be found here.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT is based on the idea that there is a relationship between how you think, how you feel emotionally, how you feel physically, and how you act or behave. Any one of these elements can influence the others. CBT identifies unhelpful patterns in thinking or behavior. Once these patterns are discovered, new patterns can be developed to make changes to moods and well-being.CBT is considered a highly practical type of counseling. Further, it is the most scientifically validated way of providing therapy. For 11 years I taught a course on CBT in the Master of Social Work program at the University of Missouri.

More information on CBT can be found here.


Mindfulness has been defined as “the opposite of auto-pilot.” It’s a way of being that is based in awareness, and can be especially useful if you tend to engage in worry or regret.

I first learned about mindfulness while being trained in dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). In this type of therapy, mindfulness is presented as a set of skills. These include the practice of nonjudgment, labeling thoughts and feelings, and fully engaging in whatever you choose. The skills are practiced with meditation, which can provide a sense of calm and centering.

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