Michael Kaplan

Counseling in Columbia, MO

My Approach

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT is rooted in the idea that our thoughts, beliefs, emotions and behaviors are all connected. During difficult times our moods may shift, sometimes going deep into feelings like anxiety or sadness. While we might have little control over some of the events in our lives, our thoughts and behaviors can actually have a strong impact on how we respond emotionally.

CBT can help you learn to respond more effectively to problems. It can lower the intensity of anxiety, sadness and anger, helping you to feel more calm and confident. It also can help you examine core beliefs that keep you stuck in old patterns of behavior.

Since 2007 I have taught a master's level class in CBT at the University of Missouri. Teaching has turned out to be a terrific opportunity to strengthen my own knowledge and skills.

More information on CBT is available here.


Do you have trouble with focus? Or do you find yourself constantly judging others, yourself or the world in general?

Mindfulness is a way of gaining greater control of your own mind. It's about letting go of distractions and judgment, and staying in the present moment. It's also about working toward acceptance and not fighting reality.

In counseling, the practice of mindfulness can be helpful if you feel burdened by worry, regret, fear or other problems that hamper your ability to focus and relax. If this sounds like you, let me teach you basic mindfulness skills.

More information on mindfulness is available here.